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It’s a very peculiar thing to own your expression.

For our purposes here, let’s take our time

Go back to the beginning, before the climb.

Prairie roots are where we need to begin

Giving this woman humility, how she walks in her skin.

A chameleon at heart her essence displays

Her versatility striking, you’ll remember her gaze.

Storytelling through movement, some call it dance

This lives in her, though you might not see it at first glance.

On film, in a theatre, in a conversation with you

A few things never change, regardless of her cue.

Authenticity and honesty is what she knows

This is the way that she herself will expose.

Collecting skills from years of experience to her name

She understands what it is to be a human, the secret? We’re all kind of the same.

Diving into darkness along with the light

She has no problem digging into a little sadness or anger with delight.

Her quirky sense of humor allows for this plunge

Soaking in every detail of life like a sponge.

You might call her sometimes the mysterious one

Her curiosity is rampant allowing her to explore life and find the fun.

Generosity oozes as she will before you stand

She’ll be the first one to reach over and give you her hand.

What is it exactly that she does, you may ask…

She shares herself with you….just because.

It matters who she is as a person along with her skills

Because who she really is, is what you want captured in those stills.

Ones ability to change their thought and perspective is always a plus

It means they understand humanity and will give you something to discuss.

This is an introduction, explore, take your fill.

Welcome everybody! This is the home of Natalie Krill.


Written by Rebecca Yakimowski