» I’m a Blogger now!

I’m a Blogger now!


Well, I guess the time has come for me to take up blogging. Why not? Everyone else is doing it, right? I am not going to try and pretend like I’m an expert at something or rant about stuff that annoys me…( OK, maybe from time to time ) but what I will do, is share with you my thoughts about life and art and the things that inspire me.

Today, I am graduating from the Canadian Film Centre’s Actor Conservatory and I have 7 reasons to be inspired. They are my fellow classmates. Diana Bentley, Michael Eisner, Alexandra Ordolis, Supinder Wraich, Craig Henderson, Jade Hassoune and Alexandra Lalonde. We have spent the last 6 months together everyday, studying, acting, crying, eating, laughing, commuting and growing. I am grateful to have spent this time with them. They challenged me to be honest and present. They challenged me to let go of judgements. They challenged me to open my heart. They challenged me to be me.


Tonight, we will screen the final product of our hard work from the past half of the year. Our faces will be right there for everyone to see on the big screen. People will see every little wrinkle, the twinkle in our eyes, every blemish, every hair out of place, every risk, every choice, every pain and every joy. They will see our naked souls daring to be real.

Congratulations to my caring, loving and talented classmates. I am so happy to have been on this ride with you. Release.